Enabling success 

Our aim is to improve the understanding of the medical information by providing an analysis and evaluation of the medical issues involved in each individual case. Whether you are at the initial stages of investigating a claim or negotiating for settlement / preparing for trial, our case chronologies become invaluable tools for success. 

What we do for you 

Upon receipt of a copy of the complete medical records file we will organise them chronologically and by GP / Hospital or other practitioner. The records are subdivided into relevant sections. Records are paginated for ease of reference and a detailed Index is created. This ensures that records are easily found. Records can be sent to us using a variety of secure platforms such as Egress or Mimecast. We are also happy to use your own platforms to retrieve records which are securely protected.  
Each document in the records is then reviewed and a detailed chronology, if requested, is created which identifies all pertinent medical issues. The chronology will detail appropriate treatment in respect of all notes or just in respect of a particular time depending upon instructions. 
In clinical negligence cases, discrepancies in the records can be highlighted such as times of treatment and possible additional entries that have been made to the records post event. Before instructing a medical expert it is essential to have all the relevant notes and records. We will notify you if any notes are missing in a separate memorandum. 
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